upcoming public appearances…

– Sat Aug 28th – BLNK HAUS (3206 W Armitage Ave, Chicago)

Sideshow gelato pop up w/ Dead man’s Carnival
1pm – 8 pm Music and circus acts every hour

$8 kids – $12 Adults (includes gelato samples)


– Weds Sept 1st Washington park bandshell (4599 W Lloyd St, Milwaukee)

Dead Man’s Carnival –
Free, all ages, outdoor

– Weds Sept 8th Long Acre pavilion (343 N Longacre Rd, Milwaukee)

Prof Pinkerton’s Irrelevant Orchestra
Free, all ages, outdoor

– Sept 4th, 11th, 16th, 18th Summerfest parades (200 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee)

Dead Man’s Carnival – 2pm line up 3pm step offstarts on the south end then loops through the whole grounds

No one is safe…

Today at the Circus warehouse we wrapped up the day with cracking open this antique safe. With high hopes, we worked eagerly to see what sort of goodies it had to offer…

Ultimately it what’s more fun opening it then lootng it. The broken concrete Rubble added a little excitement but at the end of the day you can see there was very little to brag about

More wayward adventures and behind-the-scenes stories will be found here on the regular as we wean ourselves away from social media.

Midweek ramblings

Trying to get a handle on all these tech based admin tools makes a man yearn for simpler times…

As frustrating as it can be at times, it’s the idea of you fine folks missing out on updates that keeps me grinding away. For what it is worth you being here now means I’m not toiling for nothing. As a show of appreciation here is some cool picture from a by gone era…

Love is in the air

Check out some of these great behind the scenes shots from Danielle Kornitz for the “Prof Pinkerton’s holiday Love stream”.




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12/18/20 Eastside & Downer ave

We have a scheduled appearance on Friday Dec 18th on Milwaukee’s Eastside and downer ave thanks to the generous support of the Downer BID and their sponsors.


Daily updates can be found here…

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New music video


Since Fri Dec 4th we have been doing as many impromptu performances throughout Milwaukee as weather, personnel, and batteries would allow. With the help of our spectacular seasonal themed mobile stage we have surprised thousands of people all over the city.

Schedules and routes are being determined on the fly day by day depending on where we feel needed most. Our goal is to offer more than a concert, we want to remind folks that magic and hope can be found right around the corner when least expected. In the spirit of the holidays we offer the wonder of anticipating Santa.

More info:

Daily updates can be found here…
Twitter (@profpinkmke)

Lastly, we have a scheduled appearance on Friday Dec 18th on Milwaukee’s Eastside and Downer Ave thanks to the generous support of the Downer BID and their sponsors.  


#profpinkerton #christmascaravan #holidayspirit #irrelevantorchestra #MKE #milwaukee #hope
#northcentrallive #bayview #magic #jazz #blues #ska

If you would like support our efforts we accept donations via

– Patreon

– Venmo 
– Paypal

The mission continues…

The first weekend of performance was a definitive success. It came with many unexpected trials and tribulations. Everyone stepped up to pull it off. We have a few safety and infrastructure concerns to tackle tomorrow so “when” and “where” for future appearances can’t be promised. Let it be known instead that the Christmas Caravan will be where ever it’s needed most…. sleep well.

The night before Christmas (caravan)

Look for us around Riverwest & the east side today. We could be around any corner. Hope to see you in the real world.