New music video

Since Fri Dec 4th we have been doing as many impromptu performances throughout Milwaukee as weather, personnel, and batteries would allow. With the help of our spectacular seasonal themed mobile stage we have surprised thousands of people all over the city.

Schedules and routes are being determined on the fly day by day depending on where we feel needed most. Our goal is to offer more than a concert, we want to remind folks that magic and hope can be found right around the corner when least expected. In the spirit of the holidays we offer the wonder of anticipating Santa.

More info: 

Daily updates can be found here… 
Twitter (@profpinkmke)

Lastly, we have a scheduled appearance on Friday Dec 18th on Milwaukee’s Eastside and Downer Ave thanks to the generous support of the Downer BID and their sponsors. 

#profpinkerton #christmascaravan #holidayspirit #irrelevantorchestra #MKE #milwaukee #hope
#northcentrallive #bayview #magic #jazz #blues #ska

If you would like support our efforts we accept donations via

– Patreon 

– Venmo  
– Paypal

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